Monthly Archives: October 2018

SFTS015: Life Matters And I’m Still In It

In this week’s awesome sermon, Reverend Babb discusses the importance of what we do and how we handle ourselves in the midst of suffering in a reflection of Jesus. For it is in the midst of suffering where we find a new level of humanity, community, and love in God’s great kingdom.

SFTS013: The Burning Stump

In this week’s touching sermon, Revered Babb discusses the Kavanaugh nomination and woman coming together to raise their collective voice. He also fondly recollects on spending time in Missouri after a death in the family and how it is the power of God that helps us come together and move forward in life during trying times.

SFTS012: God’s In The Cake

In this week’s topical sermon, Revered Babb discusses the problem of “group think” in society and how we find God in the struggle of life and within the love our relationships.