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SFTS028: The Easter Egg

In this week’s inspired and heartfelt Easter 2019 sermon, Reverend Babb reminds us that Jesus’ resurrection is about life and living, not death and fear. This is a day about faith, love and hope. A celebration of life!

SFTS017: What Does The Rock Say?

In this powerful sermon, Revered Babb preaches on the importance of not just surviving, but thriving–how Jesus, through community, wanted each of us to thrive in this life!

SFTS015: Life Matters And I’m Still In It

In this week’s awesome sermon, Reverend Babb discusses the importance of what we do and how we handle ourselves in the midst of suffering in a reflection of Jesus. For it is in the midst of suffering where we find a new level of humanity, community, and love in God’s great kingdom.

Dynamic Change: SFTS011

In this week’s episode, we take a look back at Reverend Babb’s Earth Day sermon where he discusses the Good Shepherd coming for all of us.

Hungry?: SFTS004

Loaves and fishes. In this week’s sermon, Reverend Babb discusses altruism in the US and abroad, how those with the least share the most, and how Jesus was teaching the joy of giving.

Old Faithful Bring Me On Home: SFTS002

In a sermon for our modern times, Reverend Babb discusses the importance of returning to nature, reconnecting with God, and how grace has the power to transform.